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Our Activites

Mukul trust supports a unique school Sardar Kanya Vidyalay, situated on the historical campus of Swaraj Ashram, Bardoli. This school was founded by Niranjanaben and Mukulbhai Kalarthi on June 15,1966. 

This school offers value based Secondary Education (Nai Talim) to girls from tribal areas & economically poor families. Mukul trust makes provision for free coaching classes to improve basic fundamentals in different subjects. Sardar Kanya Vidyalay has an outstanding record of 100% success in 10th standard S.S.C. board exam (Guj. state) that encourages students and open the entry way for their future journey. More than 5000 girls have successfully completed their studies from this institution and settled in India and abroad. Mukul Trust contributes to maintain the Sardar Kanya Vidyalay residential school campus and also helps in medical as well as personal needs of the students. Mukul trust helps with tuition fees and makes provisions for accommodation facilities for the students who are interested in pursuing higher studies in various fields.



"Best way to learn virtues & morals is by examples from life of great people" — Conficius 

MUKUL TRUST arranges lectures, talk shows, small group meetings, theme fairs, street plays, exhibits, etc. on various subjects. The key programmes of Mukul Trust are: 

 (1)Sardar Sangoshthi: Sardar Sangoshthi is a series of lectures on the works, thoughts and the life of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The renowned personality Padmashri Nagindas Sanghvi inspired Mukul Trust to start Sardar Sanghoshthi at the historical pilgrimage place, Bardoli. 
These series of lectures are being organized by Mukul Trust since 2012. Every year renowned speakers like Pujya Moraribapu, Padmashri Nagindas Sanghvi, Padmashri Gunvant Shah, Hon. Governor of Kerala Shri Ant Mohammad Khan Saheb, Jay Vasavda, Kajal Oza, Bhadrayu Vachhrajani, Parsottam Rupala Saheb, Urvish Kothari were invited. The participation of large numbers of people with enthusiasm shows the great success and impact of Sardar Sanghoshthi. 

(2) Uttamchand Shah Vyakhyanmala (Lecture series):     Uttamchand Shah was a freedom fighter in Independence Movement of India.  During Bardoli Satyagrah, he came in close association with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Sardar gave him the task to manage Swaraj Ashram, Bardoli.

Page 4 : Since then, Uttamchand Shah gave selfless service as the Secretary and Managing Trustee of Swaraj Ashram for more than 50 year. Uttamchand Shah interacted with Mahatma Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and other prominent leaders during freedom fighting movement of India. Padmashri Gunvantbhai Shah inspired Mukul Trust to start a lecture series in memory of Uttamchand Shah. The series of lectures were arranged at different places with inspirational themes. 

(3) GandhiMela: Gandhimela is a unique celebration to emphasize relevance of Gandhian thoughts to present times. In the year of the 150th Birth Anniversary celebration of Mahatma Gandhiji, Mukul Trust decided to host 71st Gandhimela on 11th & 12th February, 2020 at Bardoli.  Exhibits of work and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhiji, Khadi & Village industries, inspirational, entertaining educational programs for children were arranged. Talks on the relevance and uniqueness of Mahatma Gandhiji were organized. Famous stage shows as bttunltlttu btmttjttu (Mohan no Masalo), Vaishnava Jan, Gandhi Dhun and were scheduled during Gandhimela event.     A Poster was created on the Theme of Visits of Mahatma Gandhiji in Bardoli that served as a Selfie point and was greatly appreciated by the visitors. About 25,000 people visited the 71st Gandhimela. All events based on Gandhian philosophy served as a guiding light. The participants could understand and be inspired by the journey of Mahatma Gandhiji.                                                                  This event gave a Gandhian touch to everyone.


The Mukul Trust takes an active part to provide and facilitate healthcare services to the needy population. 
Healthcare Related Activities: • Arrangement of free medical mobile clinics and camps in villages. • Help in arrangement of treatment and paying medical bills for needy. • Conduct Preventive Health Education and Health Awareness programs in community. • Activities in the field of awareness about good personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle. • Promote education and counseling for quitting bad habits like the use of tobacco, alcohol etc. • Organize school health check—up camps and facilitate nutritional supplements. • Awareness programs for girls and women regarding nutrition, health and hygiene. • Encourage people to practice Yoga to reduce stress and to maintain good health. • Provide psychological support and counseling when needed. • Mukul Trust supports scientific research in the field of alternative medicines. Expert panels of researchers have published papers in different journals on alternative medical therapy. 


Natural Disaster relief &  rehabilitation work

The Team of Mukul Trust Volunteers have served in:  Earth Quake – Kutch Gujarat (2001)  The food relief work in Assam & Bihar. Disaster of Uttarakhand Floods & Huge Land Slides (2013-14-15)  Earthquake in Nepal (2015) Jammu & Kashmir Flood Relief Work (2017) Flood Relief Work in North Gujarat ( 2017) Covid-19 Relief Mission (2020) Help in natural calamities in local areas.


Enviromental ACTIVITIES in RURAL areas
Rain Water Harvesting projects in the tribal villages of Dharampur. (South Guj.) Created Reservoirs of rain water with help of local community.  Rain Water Harvesting has helped farmers in taking second crops, resulted in increase of per capita income.  Water tables of wells have improved resulted in decreasing water scarcity in summer months.

Plantation Projects of Mango Saplings in various villages. More than 20,000 Mango Saplings were distributed in villages. Every house will have    supplemental income. Tree plantation project contributes in creation of a better environment.

  Mukul Trust arranges Talks, Seminars, Demonstrations and Group Meetings in local languages to bring revolution in rural farming.     Trust encourages and helps villagers to develop Agricultural Tool Bank  and Seed Bank at village level. The Trust gives information about Government projects and helps them in facilitation.        

 Mukul trust provides better seeds for the crops and conducts educational sessions to select, preserve and use their own grown seeds for the next harvest, thereby  decreasing the economic burden. Mukul Trust educates farmers about generating supplementary income for their livelihood.

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