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About us


Mukul Trust, Bardoli was founded in year 1988 -89 in the memory of renowned writer and educationist Mukulbhai Kalarthi. Giving is the powerful pathway to reach out to the people. Mukul Trust walks on the path of humanity and will continue to do charitable work in the fields of Education, Environment, Healthcare, Disaster relief work and provide help for the poor and needy people. Mukul Trust firmly believes that if many people join to do little things towards helping humanity, every action counts to make a difference in lives. Small consistent efforts over period of time lead to positive change. 

The sole aim of Mukul Trust is to serve humanity. Mukul Trust works with purpose driven projects to help needy indigent less fortunate people. 
The objectives of Mukul Trust are:

  • To serve people who are under privileged.

  • To provide moral based education to children.

  • To provide platform for inspirational and motivational activities.

  • Activities in field of health.

  • Rural upliftment activities.

  • Environmental friendly activities.

  • Social Upliftment activities

  • Disaster relief work. 

  • Constructive activities for the betterment of the society

  • Provide assistance to NGOs, working with same objectives. 

Mukul Trust has focused their activities to serve people in need and try to involve more people in the work to keep humanity alive. By various activities, the trust contributes in efforts to make our planet a better place to live for now and for the future. 

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